Why Camco?

The name CAMCO is synonymous with experience, integrity and care. One of the country’s oldest and most respected community management organizations, CAMCO’s professionals are experts in building communities while creating value for its residents through excellent management.
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“Of all the buildings I had the honor to design, the best managed is Society Hill Towers”. – I.M. PEI, ARCHITECT

CAMCO has managed Society Hill Towers for more than thirty-five years and we are enormously proud to partner and serve such a wonderful community.

Society Hill Towers

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As an experienced community management professional, there is nothing more important to me than creating vibrant, harmonious communities where people love to live and feel good about investing their money.

Since CAMCO was founded in 1975, our mission and focus has been to strive for excellence. To achieve this, we have built a company based in the belief that our residents are our number one priority and providing the best possible service is our standard.

To do this, we hire only the most professional and well trained staff—from the managers down to the administrative assistants—and provide ongoing training to ensure we stay at the forefront of our industry.

Our success is measured by our communities’ satisfaction. Our long-term relationship with many of our customers is testament to a proven track record of results. Our proactive strategy and ability to respond quickly to issues, big or small, is one of the many reasons we are still the region’s largest community management firm after 40 years.

Here at CAMCO, we love what we do. We hope that you will choose to be part of our ongoing success story.


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