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I just purchased a unit in a building managed by Camco. What should I expect?

Within the next few weeks, you will receive a welcome packet and a coupon booklet. The welcome letter will include your account number and any other information you should need to pay your fees. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our main office at 610-446-9292.

I am new to my Association’s Board. Can CAMCO help me to better understand my role within the community?

Yes, CAMCO sets our Board Members up for success by providing a helpful welcome package outlining their responsibilities, while providing ongoing guidance and support. We also share information regarding local seminars and membership organizations geared towards association leadership.

How can I get CAMCO in to manage my community?

In order for CAMCO to manage your community, the Board of Directors for your Association must approve a management contract. If not a Board Member yourself, you should reach out to a member of your Association’s Board to pass along our information and start the conversation. If your community is suffering and you are badly in need of a positive change, it is recommended that you receive support in numbers by speaking with your neighbors and approaching the Board as a collective. You should also consider becoming a Board Member yourself to obtain voting rights for major decisions, such as a change in management. Please let us know how we can help with your situation.

Will having a professional management company increase my fees?

No, on the contrary as having a professional management company can help protect the Association from certain liabilities which exist under self or amateur management such as improper budgeting, inadequate insurance coverage, and mishandling of funds (all of which lead to an increase in fees).

Can CAMCO help my Association manage its assets?

Yes, CAMCO’s expertise in professional property management includes constructing and complying to a fiscally responsible budget, while providing direction regarding investment planning, and capital funding. We also make recommendations regarding  preventative maintenance to maximize the life of common elements in the community.

How do I notify my community manager that I need something repaired?

If you are looking for listings in a particular community, you would need to contact a Realtor of your choice.  Management is not always aware of units for sale until after it is under agreement.

How do I pay my condo fees?

You have several different payment options. You can mail a check with a coupon to our lock box address (PO Box 11995 Newark NJ 07101 – 4986). You can also sign up for CAMCO’s Auto Debit (ACH) program, use a bank bill pay system or set up a self-administered automatic payment through CAMCO’s website.  You can also make a one-time payment using a debit card, credit card or e check on our website. No matter how you pay, for accurate processing it is important to include your Account Number on your payment.

Do you accept payments over the phone.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payments over the phone at this time.

How do I obtain a listing of available units within a certain community?

If you are looking for listings in a particular community, you would need to contact a Realtor of your choice.  Management is not always aware of units for sale until after it is under agreement.

Do we need to pay for an update on the account status from a resale package?

There is not a charge to get an update on the account status.  Please contact CAMCO’s Accounts Receivable Department to receive and update on the account and what is to be collected at settlement.

How do I obtain the Association Documents to review if I am considering purchasing a unit, but won’t be sure until I read them?

The Association Documents are provided with the purchase of the Resale Package which are given to the buyer for review prior to settlement.

If my sale falls through, do I need to order a new resale package?

Resale packages are good for 6 months.  You must have the package in its entirely then all you will need to do is provide a new agreement of sale to CAMCO to update the records and we will provide an updated account statement.  If it is passed the six months, then a whole new package is needed.

Is there a processing fee when I make a payment through the website?

If you are using a credit card, you will be charged a 2.25% processing fee. If you make a payment using your debit card or E Check, you will not be charged a fee.

What is the charge for a resale package and or a condo questionnaire and the turnaround time for completion?

Standard resale packages are $300.00 and are completed in 10 Business days from the date of payment and a Rush Resale is $400.00 and is completed in 4 business days from the time payment is received.  Questionnaires are $100.00 for a uniform and $200.00 for a specialized.  All questionnaires are completed in a 72 hour turn-around time.

Who is responsible for purchasing a Resale Package?

Generally, the Seller purchases the package.

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