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With over 45 years of experience, our community management teams have seen it all. Each of our team members, from the assigned community manager to the team accountant to our home office administrative staff, makes it their job to intimately know the communities they serve. This ensures personal service and a high level of expertise.

Our community management services encompass the operation, control, and oversight of communities governed by community associations. We believe the key to community management is being responsive, showing care and thoughtfulness to homeowner concerns, and being experts about the communities we manage.


At CAMCO, our management program is customized to your community. Whether your community is comprised of single-family homes or townhomes or mid-rise condominiums, the management of your community will be customized to its specific needs.


Being locally based with the scale and resources of a national management firm, CAMCO has been able to maintain its commitment to customer service, taking the headaches out of the day-to-day operations of running a homeowners association.


CAMCO’s active adult program focuses on lifestyle services and meeting the needs of the active adult community. It is management’s responsibility to establish a relationship with residents to understand the various needs of the community and ensure that those needs are met through customized programs.


Over the last 45 years, CAMCO has developed an expertise when it comes to managing high-rise condominium communities. On average, our high-rise condominium communities have been clients of CAMCO for more than ten years. This speaks to the level of specialized skill and expertise our managers have when it comes to managing these complex communities


Developing a new project that will ultimately be governed by an Association requires specific, detailed documents that are necessary for both the initial sell-out of the project and future re-sales. CAMCO’s staff has gone through this process many times and can expertly guide developers on best practices and the technical details to properly get this done.




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We are honored to have worked with over 60,000 homeowners, living in everything from Center City condo buildings to suburban townhome communities to active adult residences.

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– What Our Clients Say –

“CAMCO managers have been superb working partners through all of these difficult challenges, offering sound advice, helping us hire excellent contractors, managing expensive and complex projects through many months of activity, and providing excellent day-to-day customer service to our owners.
We wanted to reach out and thank you for the informative e-mail, the 2021 budget, and your consistent outreach to the community and individuals. We are trying to say that; we wonder if it is your nature or training, but we think you are top-shelf and consistently improve our quality of living in the community. I suspect you have heard it many times. Thank You – and we hope they mean it as much as we do.
“We very much appreciate the support of CAMCO on insurance, legal, Covid-19, and board development issues over the past year.”
“My experience with CAMCO and in particular Robert, my condo manager, has been nothing but excellent. Robert is professional, quick to respond to me and most importantly quick to resolve my issues. He deserves to be recognized for his outstanding service.”
The thanks go to you and CAMCO. This is great that the materials are made available and are of great assistance to our Boards in dealing with COVID closures. We were so impressed by Mr.Richter that we had him explain to the residents at the outset why it was imperative to shut down our clubhouse and pool.”
“With the constant jumping from one challenge to the next, I think it’s important every once in a while to pause to say thanks. It certainly takes a team effort to run an association well. I’m very glad we have Susan and CAMCO on our team.”

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