CAMCO provides many educational opportunities for our Board/Council members.

Join us for our Roundtable Events where we invite professional advisors to present information on topics within their realm of expertise. Our Board/Council members are encouraged to ask questions during these interactive events.

We also provide training sessions for our Board/Council members on our software platform, Vantaca. These sessions will focus on Board Portal functions to ensure that our Board/Council members are able to utilize the software to its full potential. Sessions are broken into “Beginner” and “Advanced” and will be offered during the afternoon and evening. Beginner sessions will provide an overview of all Owner and Board Portal functions. Advanced sessions will allow for Board/Council members to bring questions or issues they may have after using the Board Portal.

Please see the below links to download our event schedules for both educational options for the entire year, or visit the calendar view option to see what is coming up in the next month. We hope that our valued clients are able to join us for these exciting informational events!


Vantaca Advanced Training Webinar

December 15 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Excellent management leads to thriving communities.  Our management teams are trustworthy, caring and professional, setting the bar for community management today.  At CAMCO our principles are based on integrity, care and professionalism.  These principles are the foundation for how we do business and manage your community.