– Testimonials –

“Since I joined the Board of Coldstream Crossing five years ago, I’ve been privileged to have the opportunity to participate in many of the CAMCO offerings to Board members. CAMCO is a very professional property management company and keeps community associations apprised of issues facing our organizations. Besides having expertise in insurance, accounting, auditing, management and, especially, Board responsibilities, they hire competent individuals to help HOAs. During the pandemic, their webinars have covered a variety of topics of importance to Boards. They have brought experts in the fields in which HOAs are likely to need assistance. I feel that CAMCO is a forward-looking company with the health and success of their customers as their primary focus.“

Bruce B. | Coldstream Crossing Owners Association

“I’ve been in the service business for over 40 years, and can only say that my ongoing experiences with CAMCO Property Management continue to meet expectations of consistent exceptional service, and absolute commitment from all departments towards this mindset from CAMCO. It’s difficult to ever achieve perfection, especially in the service business, but CAMCO always excels at Striving for Excellence in all areas of their obligations to our community! They definitely live up to their written Core Values, and not just as a maxim, or slogan.”

Russ S. | Summit Ridge Condominium Association

“CAMCO has been a tremendous partner to the board in managing our community. We migrated from completely volunteer-run association to enlisting the support of CAMCO and are very pleased with this decision. CAMCO brings technology capabilities that help us with communication, record retention, financial stewardship/transparency and overall organization. CAMCO’s community manager provides excellent follow-up with residents on questions/needs, vendors with oversight to their work and the board on current priorities and issues. CAMCO is seen as a valuable addition to the community and provides excellent counsel and services that help our community and board run efficiently and effectively.”

Dave H. | Gwyndale Residents Association

“Our HOA has been working with CAMCO for over 7 years. They continue to provide information to the board members to improve our knowledge base so we can make more efficient decisions. CAMCO is extremely responsive to our member needs and requests.The quality of the CAMCO community managers is excellent and they have improved the budgeting and expense control of our HOA. The CAMCO online portal is one of the best in managing the information for our residents as well as the board, i.e. work orders and resident payments. They make the HOA board’s job easier.

We look forward to a continued long relationship with CAMCO.”

Len D. | Emerald Walk HOA

“Siena Place is a newer community. The Siena Place Board views CAMCO as a partner. CAMCO brings much value to assist the HOA as subject matter experts to assist the HOA with the operations of our community. Our CAMCO partners work, often behind the scenes, to provide exceptional service to our residents allowing our Board to focus on decisions to execute our capital improvement plan that ultimately benefit our community. Our CAMCO partners were also instrumental in shepherding our application and achieving our CAI Gold Star status which Siena Place is very proud of.”

Brian S. | Siena Place

“As the President of the Yardley Corners Homeowner’s Association I have the pleasure of working with several members of the CAMCO staff on a regular basis. The staff at CAMCO are true professionals who provide guidance to the Yardley Corners community almost every day. Simply stated, the YC HOA could not function with any efficiency without their continued guidance. I am extremely satisfied and grateful for the services provided by CAMCO.”

James G. | Yardley Corners HOA

“CAMCO can! CAMCO has delivered for our community not only by producing results by affecting positive change in our community but by doing so with an exceptional customer centric approach. The residents in my community were burnt out from empty promises incompetent and ineffective management; subsequently many of the homes were falling into a state of disrepair causing increased apathy to spread, resulting in an almost sad state of affairs. Since switching to CAMCO Management we have realized actual support, delivered with energetic sincerity…our community feels cared about, invested in and hopeful! Follow through executed with a kind and courteous approach has resulted in change that is infectious…one encouraged owner leads to two and then to ten! We have witnessed pavement improvements… home remodels landscaping and even community bonding events organized by CAMCO. Financially, our HOA is in a more healthy state under CAMCO’s directions and suggested portfolio of products. Our pool had been revamped and new state of the art approaches were made to address pandemic related issues.

Less bureaucracy and more results …CAMCO not only can but they did and we just can’t wait to see what CAMCO can help up do as we progressively continue to make this community the place we continue to love to come home to.”

Anne H. | Whitpain Hills

“Wrenfield has been working with CAMCO Management for almost 10 years. We went through a couple of companies before finding CAMCO. They are extremely efficient and hands on. The HOA has an excellent relationship with our manager who has done a stellar job dealing with residents and vendors. Their accounting department has kept our books in good order and has facilitated an easy transition to our auditors. We appreciate their hard work, their efficiency, and reasonable costs of their services.”

Harris W. | Wrenfield

“One of the most important factors when looking for a Management Company is Communication. CAMCO and their property managers are highly transparent and extremely communicative with both the residents and the HOA Board. The professionalism at CAMCO is top notch, their prices are competitive and they are highly engaged in their communities. CAMCO’s intuitive website is easy to use, and allows information to be readily available. In all my years of living in HOA Communities, I’ve had nothing but extremely positive experiences with CAMCO.”

Gina G. | Raven’s Claw HOA

“As a long time board member for my homeowner association, I have worked with several property management companies, and with even more property managers over the years. We have only been with CAMCO for a short time, however, our experience has been very positive. Our property manager has provided us outstanding service and support.

The manager is efficient, demonstrated excellent follow through and communication, and provides us with guidance and support. We have been supplied a larger number of vendors to work with, giving our association improved services and competitive prices. Another key positive aspect of working with CAMCO is their Vantaca on-line portal. This automated system provides us, the board, large amounts of information on demand. This has streamlined our meetings; eliminating spending time asking questions about the status of issues, projects, and expenditures. It also has consolidated all of our association information in one place. All in all, this has been a positive move for our associations, with no regrets about our selection of CAMCO.”

Robert Q. | Carriage Run Phase IV

“Since CAMCO has taken over our community association management, our AR balances have dropped by more than 70%. It took a lot of work, detailed attention, and continual monitoring of the accounts to achieve this milestone for us. It’s a good feeling to see our AR’s down from the mid $135,000 down to the $40,000’s.

Our manager is great with the homeowners and vendors as well.”

Carol G. | The Highlands Community Association

“Both the Board of Directors of Brookwood II Condominium Association and the homeowners have noticed a dramatic improvement in response time, support; and a variety of available resources since having partnered with CAMCO Property Management. We have accomplished so much more than we anticipated within the first year of our collaboration. CAMCO provides all the necessary information for us to make an informed decision. There is a level of mutual respect that is evident in each interaction. We look forward to working together well into the future.”

Cathy N. | Brookwood II Condominium Association

“I have found CAMCO Property Management to be responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They have made the day-to-day interactions with our community a positive experience. Huge peace of mind know that our association is being properly managed!”

Dwayne G. | Chatham Village

“Our Association has been working with CAMCO Management for over ten (10) years. I work very closely with our Property Manager who is wonderful! She goes above and beyond for our community! I believe CAMCO to be experts in their field as their employees stay current on all the industry standards.

CAMCO has provided immeasurable guidance to our Association as we’ve engaged in major capital expenditures; such as elevator modernization, and cooling tower replacement. They’ve also provided assistance with securing financing and project management services A very experienced and professional organization.”

Jenine N. | 1737 Chestnut Street Condominium

“We are a small community and were looking for a property management company with a strong track record of consistent performance and CAMCO fit the bill. From the beginning they established a cohesive plan of communication with our Board and their expertise has been crucial as we have had to navigate several complex issues recently. Our property manager provides all the resources our residents need to maintain community standards and her attention to detail has translated into a much more efficient HOA.”

Patty B. | Greenridge HOA

– Board Member Feedback –

“CAMCO managers have been superb working partners through all of these difficult challenges, offering sound advice, helping us hire excellent contractors, managing expensive and complex projects through many months of activity, and providing excellent day-to-day customer service to our owners.
We wanted to reach out and thank you for the informative e-mail, the 2021 budget, and your consistent outreach to the community and individuals. We are trying to say that; we wonder if it is your nature or training, but we think you are top-shelf and consistently improve our quality of living in the community. I suspect you have heard it many times. Thank You – and we hope they mean it as much as we do.
“We very much appreciate the support of CAMCO on insurance, legal, Covid-19, and board development issues over the past year.”
“My experience with CAMCO and in particular Robert, my condo manager, has been nothing but excellent. Robert is professional, quick to respond to me and most importantly quick to resolve my issues. He deserves to be recognized for his outstanding service.”
The thanks go to you and CAMCO. This is great that the materials are made available and are of great assistance to our Boards in dealing with COVID closures. We were so impressed by Mr.Richter that we had him explain to the residents at the outset why it was imperative to shut down our clubhouse and pool.”
“With the constant jumping from one challenge to the next, I think it’s important every once in a while to pause to say thanks. It certainly takes a team effort to run an association well. I’m very glad we have Susan and CAMCO on our team.”

Our success is measured by our communities’ satisfaction. Our long-term relationship with many of our customers is a testament to our proven track record of results. Our proactive strategy and ability to respond quickly to issues, big or small, is one of the many reasons we are still the region’s largest community management firm after 45+ years.

Here at CAMCO, we love what we do. We hope that you will choose to be part of our ongoing success story.